Body Treatments...
Sugar Body Polish   $55

Includes a full body exfoliating polishing treatment
leaving your skin silky and smooth with our special
formula of oils and sugar. This service includes a
shower and a 30-minute massage.

Add a 30 minute massage    $95 & up
Add a 55 minute massage    $135 & up

Seaweed Body Contour $125

This spa treatment helps increase circulation, relieves
stress and helps to cleanse and remove toxins from the
skin and body. This service is a great boost for stressed
and tired individuals, leaving the skin healthy and

Hydrating Mud Body Treatment    $125

A deep, reconditioning body treatment that firms,
exfoliates and hydrates the skin. A warm body mask
fragranced with flower essences replenishes the skin
tissues and helps to eliminate water retention. You rest
while your body is being rejuvenated.