All facials include hand and foot massage and the salon is an exclusive provider of Yonka skin care products.

Escale Beaute
Complete facial for people on the go, which includes a hydrating cleanser,       $55 / 30 min
soft peel, moisturizer, and a hydra-cream mask.

Long-lasting deep hydrating facial; cleansing, soft peel hydrating mask with     $85 / 60 min
steam, extractions, eye and lip massage, double hydrating mask, and concluding
with hydrating repairing cream.

Lifting and rming facial for skin lacking elasticity using micro peel for deep    $115 / 60 min
wrinkle exfoliation, rming stimulation techniques to face, neck, and décolleté,
lifting masque, nishing with a luxurious serum and cream combination.

Excellence code
An exceptional anti-aging skincare treatment for mature skin, a double      $145 / 60 min
deep exfoliating peel with draining techniques, eye and lip massage,        $185 / 90 min
Excellence code massage to face neck and décolleté, with cell energy
masque and serum.

Skin Fitness for men
Deep cleansing facial with exfoliation, soft peel, eye contour, Clay mask    $85 / 60 min
and extractions. $120 75 min